Lower Boat Captains 2023/34

Our LBCs are in charge of our novice intake in Michaelmas and the club’s lower boats throughout the year. If you’re looking to join the club and start rowing for the first time then do get in touch with these guys! They’ll be the face of the club at the Freshers’ fair and our taster days at the start of the year.

Vanda Adámková

Hi! I am Vanda, a second year PhD in Plant Sciences. I started with rowing last year as an alternative to lead climbing I have been doing for the past 9 years. And without doubts, it was one of the best decisions I made that year. Rowing is a great way to clear your mind and switch off the brain for a moment which then allows you to come fresh to your lectures or labs. I look forward to next year and I hope many of you will try rowing and enjoy its competitive and/or social side.

Katy Bradley

Hi, I’m Katy, a third year biological NatSci and one of your four LBCs! I’ve been rowing for two years now, and the boat club has been a really important part of my life at Downing. I rowed in NW2 for my novice term, then spent my first two senior terms split between W1 and W2, before fully committing to W1 last year. Learning to row provided me with a very welcome break from my studies and is a great way to get away from the inevitable stress of Cambridge life. The boat club is also where I have met some of my closest friends. I have loved being a member of DCBC over the last two years, from the exciting races to the extensive number of socials, and very much look forward to sharing the joys of rowing with you!

Joe Stell

Hi there! I’m Joe, a 2nd year Chemical Engineer. Since starting rowing a year ago, it’s become a huge part of my life here in Downing. I didn’t know if I wanted to even try rowing when I got to college, but after trying it I found I’d fallen in love with the sport. The structure it provides to my day really helps me organise my time, the physical activity helps keep me fit and relieve the inevitable Cambridge stress, and the socials are unequalled – I’ve made some incredible friendships with people both in and out of Downing through rowing. I can’t wait to share with you all the fun of rowing in Cambridge!

Ethan Wrightson

Hi, I’m Ethan, a second year engineer. I started rowing and coxing last year, and it quickly became a big part of my life at uni. The boat club is a lovely community to socialise and keep fit with, and I’ve found it a great way to make friends outside my subject and year group. I’d really encourage new rowers to give coxing a go too – it’s manageable to do both, especially as a novice, and you might find you love it at least as much as rowing! See you at the Freshers’ Fair!

Aside from events during Freshers’ week, our LBCs can be reached at , please do get in touch if you have ay questions about joining or being a novice at DCBC!

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