Whether you’ve rowed before, (the vast majority of people haven’t!) or want to try out rowing or coxing for the first time, we would love to have you at DCBC!

W2 - Lent Bumps, 2020
W2 – Lent Bumps, 2020
W1 - May Bumps, 2018
W1 – May Bumps, 2018

If you want to find out more about joining DCBC, and our club, please click here.

If you have any questions about novicing at Downing, take a look at the Novice FAQs, the Handbook, or contact the LBCs, who will always be happy to help, at . Any questions specifically about coxing can be directed to our coxing rep, Mireia Cabanes Calabuig, at .

If you have already rowed or coxed before, we would love to hear from you and get you involved in our senior squad as quickly as possible! Please contact the Men’s Captain, Thomas Masding, at , or the Women’s Captain, Holly Thompson, at , if you want to know more! You can find out more about our crews and results here.

You can also find a page of our current committee, including links, (by clicking the images) to introductions of our captains and coxing rep! Finally, lease follow these social media to keep up to date on our races, as well as events such as our Taster Days where you can find us and sign up to join the boat club! Information about our Taster Days will soon come!

Every year, we have a social at the beginning of Michaelmas term, the “Novice Social”, which allows for our new novice rowers and coxes to meet some of the senior members of the boat club.

Novice Formal, 2021
Novice Formal, 2021