News & Results

We have a variety of social media platforms where we aim to provide you with as much up to date news for the boat club – both past, and present, members.

You can always follow us on Facebook, as well as our Instagram page too. We also have an LBC Instagram dedicated to our novices, which you can follow if you are joining us soon! We also have a Twitter account, where we can provide you with tabs on some of our members attaining very high achievements, rowing related, and otherwise. Finally, we have a YouTube page, where we try to create as much video content as we can for you, and our members! Please follow these social media to keep up to date on our races, as well as events such as our Taster Days where you can find us and sign up to join the boat club!

You can look at the blog posts introducing various members of our committee, as well as giving summaries and reports of various aspects of the rowing year, such as race results, summaries of terms and years, as well as accounts of our training camps. We also have a calendar of the year of our up coming races DCBC will race in, which will also contain the results when we get them! Finally, we have an account of, (most of) the results of the previous races in which DCBC have raced.