Please find the current DCBC committee, for the academic year 2023/24, below. You can also take a look at our previous committees. There’s more information on contacting members of our committee to be found on our contact page.

Captain of Boats – William Smith ()

Men’s + NB Captain – Thomas Masding ()

Women’s + NB Captain – Holly Thompson ()

Secretary – Benjamin Desson

Junior Treasurer – Pawel Lisowski

Lower Boats’ Captain – Vanda Adámková ()

Lower Boats’ Captain – Katy Bradley ()

Lower Boats’ Captain – Joe Stell ()

Lower Boats’ Captain – Ethan Wrightson ()

Kit Secretary – Gianluca Maffi ()

Coxing Rep – Mireia Cabanes Calabuig

Social Secretary – Louisa Graves

Social Secretary – Nathan Ng

Communications Officer – Rian Howe ()

Tank Officer – William Pizii

Sponsorship Officer – Daniel Fearn

President – Graham Virgo, Master of Downing College

Senior Treasurer – Gavin Flynn

Director of Rowing – Ian Watson

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