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If you have any questions about any aspect of the club, please do not hesitate to get in touch. One of our current committee will get back to you as soon as possible. You can use the contact form below, or send a specific email to a committee member in the list under the form.


Specific questions may also be sent to particular committee members via email

Please direct general questions about The Boat Club to Rian Howe and Emma Greer, our joint Captain of Boats, at .

Questions about the Men’s Senior Squad should be directed to Rian Howe, our Men’s Captain, at .

Questions about the Women’s Senior Squad should be directed to Emma Greer, our Women’s Captain, at .

Questions about joining DCBC and learning to row should be sent to our Lower Boats’ Captains, Daisy Dunworth, Ella Young, Imogen Woods-Wilford, and Bob Sutherland, at .

Questions about our kit should be sent to Peter Wild, our Kit Secretary, at .

Questions about coxing, or learning to cox, at DCBC should be sent to Ryan Chung, our coxing rep, at .

Questions about the social side of DCBC should be sent to our Social Secretaries, Mireia Cabanes and Max Niroomand, at .

Questions about sponsoring DCBC should be directed to Martha Oakes, our Sponsorship Officer, at .

Questions about our website or any of our social media, or just any general messages, should be directed to Joel Richardson, our Communications Officer, at .



Directions from Downing College to the Boathouse
Directions from Downing College to the Boathouse

From Downing p’lodge, head towards Sainsbury’s Local, and turn right past Parker’s Piece.

Carry on straight along the road, past the Grafton Centre, and cross the road at the traffic lights onto Midsummer Common. Keep right on the cycle path, and cross the river at the magenta bridge. Turn right, and the Boathouse is the first gate, the one with a Cambridge Rowing Tank logo on a black gate. (If there are any doubts, just ask an LBC!)

Most people cycle to the boathouse as it only takes 5-10 mins. Walking takes about 20 mins, but follows the same route. If you have any problems finding or getting into the boathouse, then you can contact one of the LBCs or the webmaster. This year, it is vital that you only go to the boathouse if you have a pre-booked land session or outing, and have filled out the forms you need to.

Downing College Boat Club
Manhattan Dr, Cutter Ferry Ln, Cambridge CB4 1ZA