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May Bumps 2019

Segreant’s Day 2019

Lent Bumps 2019

DCBC Family Day 2019

The Downing Eliminator 2019

Banyoles Training Camp 2019

Fairbairns 2018

May Bumps 2018

Segreants’ Day 2018

Lent Bumps 2018

The Downing Eliminator

The Cambridge Rowing Tank

Winter Training Camp 2018

Fairbairns 2017

May Bumps 2017

Lent Bumps 2017

Banyoles Training Camp 2017

May Bumps 2016

Lent Bumps 2016

May Bumps Dinner 2015

May Bumps 2015

Lent Bumps 2015

Segreants’ Day 2014 & 15

May Bumps 2014

Many thanks to Nicholas Schulman, Christopher Down (Light Blue Images), David Ponting, Giorgio Divitini and QTy Photography for allowing us to share their fantastic photographs. Special thanks must go to David Ponting for taking the cracking photo of W1 on the last day of Mays 2014 which is used on our home page.Thanks also to William Connolley and Andy (Oarstack 2015) for kindly letting us use their footage in our video.