LBCs Introductions – 2018/19

Below you can find the introductions from this year’s Lower Boats Captain’s who are in charge of Novice Rowing here at DCBC. This year we have 4 LBC’s who all learnt to row/cox last year. They are Anna, Grace, Ruth and Seth.


Anna having just rowed in May Bumps 2018

Hi, I’m Anna and I’m a second year Medic. I learnt to row as a novice in Michaelmas, with many other Freshers, then rowed in W2 in both Lent and Easter terms. For me, rowing is a great way to keep active but also gives me a good break and distraction from academic work. There are so many fun events on the rowing calendar, including races, Boat Club dinners and Bumps (which was a highlight for me). I loved training regularly with my crew and seeing us improve so much throughout the term, or even just within one outing! I’m so glad I joined DCBC and would thoroughly encourage anyone considering it, to give rowing or coxing a go!





Hi, I’m Grace and I’m a 2nd year Phys NatSci. I noviced in Michaelmas last year, going on to race with W1 in Lent term (which included a trip to London for WEHoRR and a very snowy lent bumps) and W2 in May term. I decided to throw myself into a sport and figured, if I was going to choose anything at Cambridge, I might as well try rowing. The camaraderie and opportunities I’ve gained through the training sessions and camps have made all the sore muscles worth it, not to mention how good the feeling of making a bump with your crew is. With all the fantastic socials too, I’ve now know so many more people throughout college and have made some of my closest friends. I guarantee you’ll find something for you in DCBC, whether it be a low commitment, fun boat or a high intensity, competitive team. Give rowing a go and I hope you enjoy your experience as much as I have. Looking forward to seeing you out on the water!



Ruth coxing the Novice Men’s 1st Boat (NM1) in Michaelmas

Hi, I’m Ruth, a second year education student and cox. I knew I wanted to try rowing at Downing having taken part in a short learn-to-row course last summer. However, when I arrived at the boat house and realised that I could be in a boat but talk and plan rather actually row, I quickly signed up to cox instead. In Michaelmas term, coxing NM1, I experienced the highs and lows of racing as we felt the thrill of rowing past another crew in a side by side race before being disqualified in the following round. During Lent and Easter Term I was lucky enough to cox M2. The icy weather of Lent Bumps led to race cancellations, a broken rib (ascertained on the towpath, not in the boat) and the receipt of spoons as we found ourselves surrounded by first boats and bumped down every day. We came back stronger and fitter for May Bumps and, in spite of being bumped down a couple more times, had a more successful campaign than the previous term. Learning to cox has had the biggest effect on my confidence, been a great break from work and introduced me to some of my best friends. Being part of DCBC has been the highlight of my time in Cambridge so far and I can’t wait to get stuck back in next year. As an LBC I hope to help get a whole new group of people involved in rowing and coxing regardless of whether they want to row in a first boat or just a few times a term.


Seth having just rowed in the 2018 May Bumps

Hi I’m Seth and I’m a second year Engineering student. Having been a very sporty and competitive person before coming to Cambridge I was very keen to try rowing at the university but didn’t know how to get involved, clearly the blue boat wasn’t going to take a total new-bee. DCBC offered me the chance I wanted and I was hooked from the start. Novice term was really good fun and a great way to get to meet people throughout the college, not only during training but also through all the socials they organised. Having gotten injured in Lent term, I worked my way back over Easter to continue rowing in Summer. Training and competing with M2 has been one of the best things I’ve done this year and a welcoming distraction from the intensity of exam term.I cannot recommend DCBC enough and want to help show the new Freshers how rowing can become as important a part of their lives as it has mine.


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