Race Report – May Bumps 2018

Information on the crews and final positions can be found here. Below you will find a brief race report for each crew.



M1 – Day 1

M1 started in 5th in division 1. Day one of the May bumps proved to be a nice and relaxed warm-up day with a row-over after Pembroke M1 Bumped Caius M1 by the railings.

Days 2 and 3 saw M1 being chased by a fast Emmanuel M1 while chasing Caius M1. On both days Caius were closed to 3 whistles but narrowly escaped.The final day saw Downing being chased by a rapid Magdalene M1, Not to be denied blades Magdelene went off like a rocket and sadly managed to catch M1 by 1st post corner.


W1 wearing Foliage having just Bumped

W1 started division 1 in fifth, Like M1, W1 had a calm and relaxed row-over to get rid of any day 1 nerves. Feeling confident the 2nd day saw the girls secure a bump on Caius W1 on the long reach to move up the tables into 4th on the river.Days 3 and 4 saw some very strong rowing from W1 but unfortunately they couldn’t quite catch Emma W1 ahead of them and rowed over both days.





Day 1 saw M2 sandwiched between Caius M2 and Jesus M2. They showed strength easily rowing away from Jesus but couldn’t quite close Caius down. Day 1 ended with a strong row-over.

On day 2 M2 faced Caius M2 for the second time, but this time being chased bySidney M1. Once again M2 began to close Caius down in the early stages but Sidney had closed M2 down to 3 whistles by the top of the long reach, in a Momentous effort the boys managed to hold off Sidney almost to the line but were unfortunately bumped a few strokes from the line.Chasing Sidney M1 and being chased by Pembroke M2, day 3 was set to be a hard day, Unfortunately, despite a good start, M2 were unable to hold off Pembroke, being caught on the long reach. M2 went into the 4th and final day determined to take revenge on Pembrokefinal day and deny them their blades. Unfortunately they were again being chased by another 1st boat – Darwin M1. Despite closing Pembroke down to a length off the start, Darwin M1, drawing on more experience, eventually got the bump on M2.


W2 about to secure the bump on Corpus W1

Day 1 was a hard start for W2, being chased and hit by the more experienced Corpus W1 round Ditton. Not to be deterred, W2 went into day 2 looking for revenge and found it, bumping corpus W1 off the start. Day 3 saw W2 quickly leave Corpus behind and close on Robinson W1 quickly. Great determination saw our girls achieve the bump before first post corner. This left W2 chasing Pembroke W2 on the final day, hoping to give Pembroke Spoons. Unfortunately, after the previous 2 days massive efforts, and closing Pembroke down to 3 whistles, W2 wasn’t able to seal the bump.


M3 off the start

The first day of May bumps started for DCBC with M3 heading off in 3rd in the Men’s 5th division. Chaos ahead meant that m3 were awarded a technical row over. Day 2 saw M3 chasing a recently bumped Queens’M4. Our boys gradually managed to grind them down and secured the bump, moving up into 2nd place in div 5. A Fantastic Row on day 3 saw M3 elevate themselves to top of division 5 after bumping Magdalene M3. This meant M3 rowed again in div 4 on the same day as the sandwich boat. Unfortunately with 6 boats ahead all bumping out, our boys were left with no choice but to row over. An easy row over at the top of div 5 allowed M3 to again race as the sandwich boat at the bottom of div 4. However unluckily, with boats bumping out in front of them again, M3 were left to row over again.


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