Results 2019 – 2020

Michaelmas Term 2019

Autumn Head – 12th October

W1 – 1st place

M1 – 4th place

We had both our W1 and M1 race in Autumn Head!

W1 were the fastest of the three W1 crews that entered, beating the next fastest crew by nearly 40 seconds. M1 came 4th out of the 6 boats that were in their category but were only 18.5 seconds off of the winning time! These were some excellent results considering both of these crews had only been training together for the last three days. What a great way to start the new term!

W1 - Autumn Head, 2019
W1 – Autumn Head, 2019

University Fours – 4th to 8th Nov

We managed to field three crews during University Fours, all putting up great results.

Men’s Coxed Fours, (First Division)

M1 – 9th place

M1 were narrowly defeated in the first round of the competition by Lady Margaret M1, (who went on to win the competition!). They still performed excellently and should be proud of their race.

Women’s Coxed Fours, (First Division)

W1 – 3rd place

W1 defeated Queen’s W1 in the first round of the competition, before losing out to Caius W1 in the semi finals. They showed a good showing for the first competition of the year, and setting a strong foundation for the term to come.

Women’s Coxed Fours, (Second Division)

W2 – 3rd place

W2 were beat by Queens’ W2 in the semi finals of the competition, placing them in 3rd place, alongside their W1 companions. A brilliant first race from them!

More information can be found about the race here, as well as a more detailed tree of the results, (M1, W1, W2).

Winter Head – 16th Nov

W1 – Tied for 1st place in their category with Caius and Newnham W1

M1 – 1st place in their category

W2 – 8th place in their category

M2 – 2nd place in their category

Two men’s novice-senior composite crews and one women’s novice-senior composite crew also took part in the race and there was some excellent rowing from everybody!

Thank you to the organisers for a great day of racing!

Emma Sprints Regatta – 24th Nov

We entered four of our novice crews in Emma Sprints! Well done to everyone who took part – there was some great rowing, and some excellent constumes!

Clare Novice Regatta – 28th to 30th Nov

Well done to all of our novice crews that raced in Clare Novices! Congratulations to NW1 for making it through to the semi-final, what an amazing result! It was great to see all the novice rowers really enjoying the races, despite the cold weather ❄️ Good luck to all the crews for Fairbairns!

Fairbairn Cup, (Jesus)

The Fairbairn Cup takes place over two days – the novices row on the Thursday, and the seniors on the Friday.

Novices – 5th Dec

NM1 – 6th place

NW1 – 5th place

NM2 – 36th place, (13th fastest NM2!)

We’re incredibly proud of the performances of our novice crews, top six results for the boats, and a strong performance form the second men’s boat. They all went on to make amazing additions in the senior squads in Lent term.

Seniors – 6th Dec

M1 – 10th place in the VIIIs

W1 – 2nd place in the VIIIs

M2 – 16th place in the IVs, (which included a lot of M1 crews!)

W2 – 10th place in the IVs, (which included a lot of W1 crews!)

Fantastic performance from the women’s crews for achieving second place in the VIIIs category! The men also put up a formidable showing to reach 10th place in the VIIIs category. A brilliant showing from Downing at Fairbairn’s overall!

You can find more information here, as well as the list of the full results. Please also take a look at the gallery of photos of the event.

Lent Term 2020

Winter Head to Head – 25th Jan

W1 – 1st place

M1 – 7th place

W2 – 2nd place

M2 – 5th place

W3 – 9th place

M3 – 10th place

These were some amazing results – well done to everyone who raced! Keep on pushing for bumps!

Brunch before Winter Head, 2020
Brunch before Winter Head to Head, 2020

Newnham Head – 8th Feb

W2 – 2nd in their category, (only 2 seconds away from the crew in first place!)

M2 – 11th in their category,

W3 – 9th in their category, (2nd fastest W3 crew!)

M3 – 16th in their category, (7th fastest M3 crew!)

Well done to everybody who raced – a very promising look for Bumps!

Pembroke Regatta – 15th Feb

Despite the crews looking very strong before the race, excessive wind meant the race had to be called off. It was a shame that the crews couldn’t show how well they were getting on in training, but they were well rested before Bumps!

Lent Bumps – 25th to 29th Feb

We were able to field six crews in Lent Bumps – three men, and three women – and achieved some brilliant results. We are very proud of W1 achieving headship by bumping Jesus W1 on the final day. W2 also must be congratulated for achieving super blades – bumping every day, and twice one day! Well done to everyone that rowed in the week! All the crews had given it their best every day and there were some amazing results!

Crew Starting PositionDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Ending Position
W14th in First DivisionBumped Emmanuel W1Bumped Newnham W1Rowed OverBumped Jesus W1Headship!!
M13rd in First DivsionBumped by Pembroke M1Bumped Pembroke M1Bumped by Pembroke M1Bumped by First and Third M15th in First Division
W23rd in Third DivisionBumped St. Edmund’s W1Bumped Lady Margaret W2 and Queens’ W2Bumped Clare W2Bumped Wolfson W215th in Second Division

Super Blades!!
M216th in Second DivisionBumped by Emmanuel M2Bumped by Queens’ M2Bumped by Clare M2Bumped by Magdalene M23rd in Third Division
W33rd in Fourth DivisionRowed OverRowed OverRowed OverBumped Anglia Ruskin2nd in Fourth Division
M33rd in Fourth DivisionRowed OverRowed OverBumped Wolfson M2Bumped Anglia Ruskin1st in Fourth Division
Summary of Results of Lent Bumps, 2020

The full results can be found here for the Men, and here for the Women. Please also check out the gallery of the event, as well as our crew lists for the Men, and the Women. Finally, please watch the Livestream of the W1 bump, (by Stephen Harris) – you can find the streams of the other races on our Facebook page.

Easter Term 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no events went ahead in the Easter Term of 2020. However, there was a virtual race which Downing participated in – Virtual May Bumps

Virtual May Bumps – 24th to 27th June

Unfortunately, the in-person May Bumps had to be cancelled as a result of COVID-19, with the uni teaching being moved online. However, May Bumps was moved to an online format, where, every day, the nine crew members in every boat each ran 800m, and submitted their times to the organisers.

Crew Day 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Ending Position
M1Bumped Lady Margaret M1Bumped Magdalene M1Rowed OverBumped Caius M1Headship!!
W1Bumped Lady Margaret W1Bumped Emmanuel W1Rowed OverBumped by Pembroke W15th in Division
Summary of Results of Virtual May Bumps, 2020

A more detailed explanation of the race format and the results can be found in this varsity article. We also have a gallery of photos of our runners here.

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