Results 2014 – 2015

Michaelmas Term 2014

Autumn Head (1st Saturday)

University Fours (3rd/4th Monday – 4th/5th Friday)

Winter Head (7th Saturday)

Emma Sprints Regatta (7th Sunday)

Clare Novice Regatta ( 8th Thursday – 8th Saturday)

Fairbairn Cup, (Jesus) (9th Thursday and Friday)

Lent Term 2015

Winter Head to Head (2nd Saturday)

Newnham Head (3rd Saturday)

Robinson Head (4th Friday)

Pembroke Regatta (5th Saturday)

Lent Bumps – 25th to 28th Feb

Crew Starting PositionDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Ending Position
M11st in First DivisionRowed OverBumped by Caius M1Rowed OverRowed Over2nd in First Division
W13rd in First DivisionBumped by Christ’s W1Bumped by Jesus W1Rowed OverBumped First and Third W14th in First Division
M25th in Second DivisionBumped by Jesus M2Bumped by Lady Margaret M2Bumped by Homerton M1Bumped by Wolfson M19th in Second Division
Summary of Results of Lent Bumps, 2015

Second Trinity Sculls (8th Tuesday)

Cardinals Regatta, (St. Catherine’s) (9th Thursday)

Easter Term 2015

Smaller Boats Regatta (0th Monday – 0th Wednesday)

Delafield Sculls

Bushe-Fox Freshmens Sculls

Magdalene Pairs

Foster-Fairbairn Pairs

Fairbairn Junior Sculls

Lowe Double Sculls

Peter Brandt / Maiden Sculls

Colquhoun Sculls, (Lady Margaret)

Spring Head to Head (1st Saturday)

City Sprints (1st Sunday)

Radegund Mile (2nd Sunday)

Champs VIIIs Regatta (3rd Sunday)

Cambridge Nines Spring Regatta (5th Sunday)

May Bumps – 10th to 13th June

Crew Starting PositionDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Ending Position
W1Head of the RiverRowed OverRowed OverRowed OverRowed OverHeadship!!
M12nd in First DivisionBumped by Lady Margaret M1Bumped by Pembroke M1Rowed OverBumped by Jesus M15th in First Division
W21st in Third DivisionBumped Lady Margaret W2Rowed OverBumped by Corpus Christi W1Bumped Corpus Christi W117th in Second Division
M29th in Second DivisionBumped by Hughes Hall M1Bumped by Darwin M1 Bumped by Wolfson M1Bumped by First and Third M2 13th in Second Division
M39th in Fourth DivisionBumped by Wolfson M2Bumped by Hughes Hall M2Bumped by Homerton M2Bumped by Sidney Sussex M2 13th in Second Division
Summary of Results of May Bumps, 2015

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