LBCs Introductions – 2019/20

Caitlin Allsopcaitlin

Hi! I’m Caitlin and I’m a second year English student.

Having not been active at all before coming to Downing, I was a bit nervous about starting a new sport – but everyone at the boat club made me feel at home right away. Whether you’ve never been involved with rowing before uni, or have prior experience, all of us at DCBC are enthusiastic for you to feel welcome whatever your ability (especially us LBCs!)

I started off rowing in NW2 and then NW1 in Michaelmas term before going on to join W2 for both Lent and Easter term, having an incredible amount of fun with a group of people both committed to work their hardest and determined to enjoy every second of it.

One of the brilliant things about rowing is the encouragement you get from the rest of the club, which is especially amazing when competing in races such as bumps! You’ll get to meet people from all different years and subjects and become part of an incredibly supportive community. It can be easy to get caught up in the stress of a Cambridge workload so rowing is a great way to unwind – as someone who especially struggles with mental health I can only advocate how helpful joining the club has been!

I hope to see you in Michaelmas term!


Cameron Watsoncameron

Hi, I’m Cameron and I’m a second year Geographer and cox. I noviced last Michaelmas and proceeded to cox M3 for the Lent Bumps and W2 in the Mays. I previously rowed for a brief time at school, but I knew that when I came to Downing that I wanted to take up the sport properly.

During Michaelmas term I noviced alongside NW2 and we placed well in our races throughout the term. Over Christmas, I, alongside many others, went on the biennial rowing camp on Lake Banyoles, Spain, which gave me a lot of experience and provided opportunities to row with the senior crew.

In the following Lent term, I coxed several boats but unfortunately only M3 ‘got on’ to the bumps, where they maintained their position. In Easter term, I was placed at the helm of W2 and after a lot of hard work and determination (as well as little bit of luck) we moved up one place, placing the boat amongst the W1s of the river.

DCBC has formed a huge part of my life at Cambridge and as an LBC I hope to show that rowing is for everyone and to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere at the club.


Imogen Shawimmy s

Hi! I’m Immy and I’m a 2nd year phys natsci.

I wanted to try something new at uni so decided to give rowing a go – when else would I have the opportunity to learn amongst a group of novices and have access to so much equipment? After novicing in Michaelmas I raced with W2 for Lent and Easter term. The camaraderie and support both in the boat and throughout the whole club was amazing, and the feeling of racing (and occasionally winning!) with 8 other people you’ve been working with all term is second to none.

Rowing last year provided a much needed break from work and helped me meet some of my closest friends. Whatever your level of experience and no matter how sporty you are, there is a place for you in DCBC. I hope to see you out on the river!


Julian Torres-H-Bonillajulian

Hi, I’m Julian, a 2nd year lawyer, often seen strutting around College in a gown and/or my conspicuous black boatie blazer, but more importantly, I’m one of your Lower Boats’ Captains. Like most people in the squad I learnt to row here at Downing. In fact, if you were to ask anyone who knew me before coming up, ‘sporty’ would have been the last word used to describe me -though that’s probably the reaction of many still, to be fair. However, after initially discarding the idea of spending my precious time at Cambridge rowing, I, almost by accident found my way into the Boat Club’s Freshers’ Dinner. I immediately knew that this rowdy and slightly crazy bunch of people was the right crowd for me. I then -allegedly- learnt to row and joined the squad as a real rowing member. I have not looked back ever since. I’ve never been fitter, happier and the memories I’ve made thanks to rowing are some of my most cherished from this first year at Downing: from the socials and dinners, where sometimes I wish I could remember more than I occasionally do, to the elation of bumping and seeing my beloved crew be awarded our oars. If nothing else, I am evidence that Downing has a boat for every skill-level. So, all I’d say is give it a go, there’s always a chance you’ll like it.

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