Men’s Captain Introduction – 2018/19

Ollie Coxing M1 in the 2018 May Bumps

Hi, I’m Ollie, a soon to be 3rd Year Engineer, and the Men’s Captain of DCBC for 2018/9. Before I came to Cambridge, I hadn’t considered rowing at all – I’m not even sure I knew what a cox was! Deciding to give it a go during Fresher’s week, I started both rowing and coxing. When it quickly became clear I wasn’t quite cut out to be a rower (some combination of not having the right hair colour and being 5’4), I focussed my efforts on coxing. The incredible coaching and support at DCBC, along with a one-of-a-kind training camp took me from knowing literally nothing about rowing to coxing M2 for my first May Bumps. My memories of my first year are also filled with plenty of DCBC social events, which provided their fair share of unforgettable moments and enduring friendships.

M1 chasing Caius in the 2018 May Bumps

In my second year, following a brief stint with the Women’s Squad in Michaelmas, I jumped back to the Men’s Squad for Lents, coxing M1. We experienced our fair share of winning, but our bumps dreams were decimated by the Beast from the East, with wind chills of -9°C cancelling two out of the four days. The term showcased the highs and lows of college rowing, and yet the entire crew’s camaraderie and togetherness made it my most enjoyable term yet. Easter saw M1 unfortunately unable to tip the scales back in our favour in the May bumps, dropping down 1 place. Despite the results not quite reflecting our potential, I loved every second of rowing in the two terms, and can’t wait to jump back in the boat in Michaelmas.

M1 is determined to become an unstoppable force on the river this year, with most of last year’s boat staying on for another year and some new talent on the horizon. A promising third place in Lents and sixth in Mays, we have our eyes on the prize – the Lent’s Headship, as well as climbing back up the ranks in the Mays.

M2 – Mays 2018

M2, sitting as the 4th highest 2nd boat in Mays and 6th in Lents, have a real chance this year to assert their dominance on the river. With the size of the current squad and the fresher cohort incoming, M2 is shaping up to be a powerful mix of old and new talent, and has the potential to do some real damage on the river.

We also have a growing M3, that managed to bump up twice in the Mays, and is pushing the boundaries of the bottom division, climbing up the ranks. This, combined with the incoming fresh talent, means that the potential for M3 has never been greater, with an M4 a strong possibility for the later terms.

The Boat Club has been such an integral part of my university experience so far, and I am tremendously grateful. The club has given me access to experiences and facilities I couldn’t get anywhere else, and I am incredibly excited to use those resources to strengthen the Men’s Squad this year, growing in size, quality & spirit.

Ollie Boyne – Men’s Captain 2018/19

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