The Downing Eliminator

The Downing Eliminator is an indoor rowing competition, (open for all). It gives all rowers the opportunity to show off their physical, and mental, ability, as well as their race tactics, and gives each rower the potential to walk away as an individual rowing champion,  a member of a victorious VIII, or both. Once and for all, we can decide who is the fastest!

View the 2018 results here, and the gallery here.

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Individual entries will cost £12. Clubs entering 8+ people will be charged £9/entry. If you wish to enter into the club competition then make sure to enter at least 8 people from your club of the same gender.

Entering will be done as a club by entering the number of men and women you wish to compete, (details of individuals will only be required much closer to the event) or individually.

Details about each individual including name, gender, and an estimate of a current 2K erg performance, (being inaccurate will hinder your competition as points may be deducted) will be asked for via email to your club contact, (email address entered for the club when applying). (You need not worry about a lightweight category – this will be determined at the competition using optional weigh-ins).

Payment will be calculated for each club before the event and sent to your club contact.


The draw will be released shortly after entries close.


The results from the 2018 competition are found here:

Prizes are awarded for:

  • Men’s VIII Winners
  • Women’s VIII Winners
  • Men’s Individual Winner
  • Women’s Individual Winner
  • Men’s Individual Lightweight
  • Women’s Individual Lightweight



Registration for each race will occur 30 minutes before the race is scheduled to run. It is crucial that every competitor arrives in time for this to ensure there are no delays.

At registration all competitors will be required to provide proof of identity (University cards will be accepted). After ID has been accepted, there will also be an opportunity for a weigh-in for any of those who wish to enter as a Lightweight (max. 75 kg men, 61.5 kg women). This is only compulsory for those who wish to compete in the lightweight category and will be required at registration before EVERY race that they take part in.


You will be given a chance to warm-up after registration and before your race.


Every race will be held on the stage in the Howard Theatre of Downing College.

The first 30 seconds will be additional warm-up time and time to get the fan moving, (nothing from this will count in the race).

From then onward, the race begins. After each 30 seconds, the rower in last place is ELIMINATED.

All distances travelled in the previous 30 seconds are reset and the next elimination begins… instantaneously.

Format of the Competition

The competition is based on the success of individuals in each race. However, if a club enters 8 or more competitors from the men’s squad and/or 8 or more competitors from the women’s squad then the top 8 most successful competitors in each case (determined using points scored for making it to each stage) will enter the inter-club competition and have the chance to win team medals.

The competition will be a knockout – Only the winner’s of each elimination race will be guaranteed a shot at progressing. Dependent on entries, there will be extra races to allow those who do not win their first race to still have another chance at competing.


The Final will be a standard 8 person elimination race where the winner takes all!

Points System

The competition will use the following points system to determine the Winning VIII (if you enter more than 8 rowers from either the men’s or women’s squads then your top 8 will become your club VIII for the competition):

  • Top four in Qualifiers – 1 point
  • Winning in Qualifiers – 1 point
  • Competing in Semi Finals – 4 points
  • Winning a Semi Final race – 1 point

Position in Final:

1st – 10 points

2nd – 9 points

3rd – 8 points

4th – 7 points

5th – 6 points

6th – 5 points

7th – 4 points

8th – 3 points

Ties for number of points between competitors of the same club will be resolved by first considering lightweight or not, (with preference going to lightweights). Remaining ties will then be resolved using the average distance covered per race.

Ties between clubs with the same number of total points from their top VIII will be resolved using the average distance covered per race of their top VIII.

Penalty Points will be deducted from a clubs for any of their competitors for the following:

  • Late to registration – 1 point deducted
  • Failure to turn up to a race – 3 points deducted

Additionally, competitors who are believed to be lying about their 2k time from their entry form may be penalised.


First-aiders will be present for the whole event to assist with any incidents that may occur. To avoid unnecessary injuries, we recommend that people with a pre-existing medical condition that might be affected by participation in the competition do not enter. Additionally, all those who do enter are given the opportunity to, and have a responsibility to, warm up properly before each race.

Our Sponsors

The Downing Eliminator is proudly sponsored by:

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If you have any questions/concerns about the event, please visit our Facebook page,, or email us at .

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