Results 2015 – 2016

Michaelmas Term 2015

Cambridge Autumn Regatta – 13th Sep

W1 – knocked out at quater-finals

NW1 – 1st place

A few of the women’s squad raced a 4+ in the Cambridge Autumn Regatta. We were knocked out in the semis of IM3 but won the novice category. Fun way to break up the summer erging, can’t wait for next season!

Women IV - Autumn Regatta, 2015
Women IV – Autumn Regatta, 2015

Autumn Head – 17th Oct

M1 VIII – 1st Place

W1 IV+ – 1st Place

Both M1 and W1 brought home wins in the Autumn Head, a promising result so early on in term.

M1 - Autumn Head, 2015
M1 – Autumn Head, 2015

University Fours – 26th to 30th Oct

W1 – 1st Place

W1 put in some gutsy performances this week to win University IVs, fending off strong competition at each round. Yeah Downing!! The race draw can be found here.

W1 - University Fours, 2015
W1 – University Fours, 2015

Winter Head – 14th Nov

M1 – 2nd Place

W1 – 2nd overall, fastest Cambridge College

Well done to both our crews for reaching 2nd place overall in the standings, with W1 being the fastest Cambridge college crew!

Clare Novice Regatta – 19th to 21st Nov

NM1 – knocked out in the second round

NW1 – knocked out in the semi-final

NW2 – knocked out in the first round

Well done to NW1 for reaching the semi-final of their division, before being narrowly defeated! All the crews put up a strong performance and should be proud of their achievements! A more in depth race report can be found here.

Fairbairn Cup, (Jesus) – 27th & 28th Nov

M1 VIII – 1st Place

W1 VIII – 2nd Place

W1 IV+ – 2nd Place

A great showing from our crews at Fairbairn’s! Congratulations to M1 for reaching first place in the competition, and to W1 for reaching 2nd place in the VIIIs, and the IVs, divisions!

Lent Term 2016

Winter Head to Head – 30th Jan

W1 – 1st Place

M1 – 1st Place

W2 – 3rd Place

M2 – 11th Place

A great start to the term, and academic year, with our first boats both taking first place in their respective divisions! A strong footing for the term to come.

Pembroke Regatta – 20th Feb

W1 – 1st Place

M1 – 2nd Place

W1 continued term as they mean to go on with a win at Pembroke Regatta!! M1 were unluckily knocked out in the semi-finals, losing to LMBC by 1/2 length.

W1 - Pembroke Regatta, 2016
W1 – Pembroke Regatta, 2016

Lent Bumps – 23rd to 27th Feb

Despite not being able to claim the headship, both M1 and W1 have set up their successors next year in good position to claim the headships. Well done to all the crews who raced this week – they all performed very strongly!

Crew Starting PositionDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Ending Position
W14th in First DivisionRowed OverBumped Emmanuel W1Bumped Christ’s W1Rowed Over2nd in First Division
M12nd in First DivisionRowed OverRowed Over Rowed Over Rowed Over2nd in First Division
W216th in Third DivisionRowed OverBumped by Wolfson W2Rowed OverBumped Caius W216th in Third Division
M29th in Second DivisionBumped by Darwin M1Bumped by Corpus Christi M1Bumped by First and Third M2Bumped by Queens’ M213th in Second Division
Summary of Results of Lent Bumps, 2016

The full results can be found here for the Men, and here for the Women. Please also check out our crew lists for the Men, and the Women

Easter Term 2016

Spring Head to Head – 30th April

M1 – 2nd Place

M2 – 7th Place

A good start to the term from our men’s crews. They will continue their training towards May Bumps!

Head of the Cam – 7th May

W1 – 3rd Place

M1 – 7th Place

W2 – 2nd Place

M2 – 4th Place

We also entered 4(!) Segreants Crews, with the men’s boats placing 1st and 2nd, and the women’s crews coming 2nd and 3rd, in the alumni divisions. These are some brilliant results on the back off Segreant’s day – a lovely way to end the event.

Radegund Mile – 8th May

M1 VIII – 1st Place

M1 IV+ – 1st Place

W1 IV – 2nd Place

M2 – 4th Place

W2 – 1st Place

All round great results from the crews at the Radegund Mile! The men’s first boat winning both the VIII and the IV categories, as well as the women’s second boat. A brilliant performance from W1 to come second too! A fantastic effort from everyone.

Champs VIIIs Regatta – 15th May

W1 – 2nd Place

M1 – 6th Place

W2 – 9th Place

M2 – 9th Place

Well done to W1 for coming second in the Champ’s Head – no easy feat! All crews performed very well at the race and should be proud of the effort they have put in.

X-Press Head

M1 – 4th Place

M2 – 2nd Place

Some good results from the men’s crews at the X-Press Head – especially for M2 for coming second in their division. Great effort lads!

Cambridge Nines Spring Regatta – 28th May

Both the men and women crews performed brilliantly at the regatta. Being the final race before bumps, they will all take that fighting spirit with them to hopefully put on a strong showing at May Bumps 2016.

May Bumps – 8th to 11th June

We’re very proud of the results of all our crews this week – especially W1 for retaining the Headship!

The full results can be found here for the Men, and here for the Women. Please also check out our crew lists for the Men, and the Women

Crew Starting PositionDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Ending Position
W1Head of the RiverRowed OverRowed Over Rowed Over Rowed OverHeadship!!
M15th in First DivisionBumped by First and Third M1Bumped by Clare M1Rowed Over Rowed Over7th in First Division
W217th in Second DivisionBumped Wolfson W1Rowed Over Bumped by Wolfson W1 Bumped by Caius W21st in Third Division
M213th in Second DivisionBumped First and Third M2Rowed Over Bumped by Corpus Christi M1Rowed Over 13th in Second Division
M313th in Fourth DivisionBumped by Magdalene M3Bumped by Anglia Ruskin M1Bumped by Queens’ M4Bumped First and Third M417th in Fourth Division
Summary of Results of May Bumps, 2016

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