LBCs Introductions – 2020/21

Alex Georgealex g

Hello! My name is Alex and I’m a second year Prelims Classicist.

I will be one of the four Captains of Lower boats for this year and we are here to encourage you to give rowing a go and to guide you through your novice term.

I wasn’t very active before I came to Cambridge, so I was nervous about trying it out. If you’re worried about that – don’t be! Lots of people choose to start rowing having been largely more academic than sporty at school and it doesn’t put you at a disadvantage – the club helps you develop all the skills you need.  Not only is rowing is a great way to get a break from work and to keep fit (or in my case GET fit), but it comes with the added benefit of a community of people who will always have your back. I remember being surprised by how welcoming and supportive the other members of the club were before I realised that DCBC is objectively one of the loveliest clubs on the river.

I noviced in NW1 for Fairbairns (a novice race at the end of Michaelmas) having started with no experience at all and went on to be a member of the first ever Downing W3 crew to qualify for Lent Bumps (a senior race at the end of Lent Term). I enjoyed every moment and it was very rewarding to have a successful bumps campaign. I found that, like me, most people haven’t rowed before they come to Cambridge and the club welcomes newcomers of all abilities. Being on the Cam with a crew is amazing fun and beyond your crew, the whole club will always be rooting for you. I would enthusiastically encourage you to give it a go! (But I am, of course, biased).


Alex Penningtonalex p

Hi, I’m Alex and I’m a second year MML student. I noviced last Michaelmas and rowed in NM2 before rowing in M2 for Lents – by which point I was wearing magenta facepaint. I’d never rowed before starting at Downing, but I knew it was something I wanted to try out. Having such an open and welcoming group of people as DCBC made getting in to the sport so much easier, and many of my best memories so far have come from races, socials and dinners (and Spoons) with the boat club. The bond you have with your crew and the rest of the club is amazing, and regardless of your skill, fitness or experience levels, there’s a role and a boat for everyone


Emma Greeremma

Hi! I’m Emma, a second year Geographer.

I arrived at Cambridge with Sailing as my primary sport and a view to try a little bit of rowing on the side. Fortunately, these plans were soon dashed as I became hooked on the spirit and friendliness of DCBC. After completing novice term in NW1, I moved onto the senior squad and into W2 for Lent, leaving University Sailing far behind.

Although having only rowed for two short terms, I feel the sport and the boat club has had an immeasurably positive impact on my first-year experience, and even on my degree by providing a very welcome distraction to time spent working in the Library, Starbucks or the Butterfield (you’re sure to find me here during term time!). I can’t wait to see you at the boathouse and on the river!


Joel Richardsonjoel

Hi! I’m Joel, and I’m a second year Phys NatSci student.

I didn’t do a lot sport before coming to uni, so really wanted to take up something to keep myself active, as well as to distract from work, so found rowing to be the perfect way to go. I have had an incredible amount of fun in the boat club, and I honestly don’t regret joining for one second.

I started off in Michaelmas term rowing in NM1, before moving onto rowing in M3 in Lent term, and I had an immense amount of fun working with my friends to push ourselves in our training to do as well as we could. You’ll learn that races are some of the most thrilling times of the year, whether you take part yourself, or are on the side encouraging fellow members of the club – it’s a brilliant atmosphere to be in.

Although our goal is to place well in the races, the socials in the boat club are really where you will have the most fun. One of the best was the Christmas night at the boat club, where the whole club coming together really made an excellent end to my first term in Downing.

DCBC is an amazing family of people, always looking for new faces to become a member of the community. No matter your experience or ability, you’re more than welcome to come and join us!


Contact the LBC’s by emailing
They would be happy to answer any questions you have about learning to row at Downing!

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